thanks for visiting us online.  We don’t do a lot of internet stuff as our customers may have noticed, but this marks the end of the blogspot era.  This page is unfinished.

To those who don’t already know us, were mostly interested in doing bicycle repairs / tune-ups and we also sell some decent not stolen used bikes mostly for commuting.

Regarding repairs, we will take virtually anything in for repair and do our best with it (even if its a piece of junk or its weird or whatever) when its not really economical we try to let you know.  That being said if you have an attachment to an older not so good condition bike I’m happy to fix it up and clean it up for you.  Also happy and able to work on just about anything else!

You can find a somewhat detailed repair menu here.

Also selling accessories, mostly catering to commuters with stuff I think is reasonably priced, useful and quality.  Found here.